Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When Gardeners Fall In Love

Girl sees plant blooming in nursery and is amazed. Girl wants hibiscus.  Years pass.

Girl buys hardy hibiscus. For a lot of money. And is thrilled with late summer blooms.

Girl doesn't have the perfectly-drained and sunny spot for said bush so she leaves it in the pot for the winter. (Because hardy hibiscus can survive minus 30F.)

The winter is endless and cold.  Very cold.

Girl is dismayed at dead-looking stems in the spring. (What was she thinking?!)

Girl hopes for a miraculous rejuvenation.  Nothing happens.

Girl begins to rehearse her story to get a replacement plant at her local nursery which only has a six-month replacement policy.

Girl notices that the neighborhood roses-of-sharon are also dead-looking in spring.  Maybe there's hope.

Stems begin sprouting new growth. (June 9th? Miracles do happen.)

Hibiscus gets a haircut.

Inspired and relieved, girl digs up wisteria that hasn't bloomed since the fence fell on it years ago and puts in hardy hibiscus instead.  Plant grows and flourishes.  Buds form.  Buds show color.  Waiting is hard!

First hibiscus blossom on August 27th.  Smaller than a dinner plate, much larger than a salad plate.  Girl shares her delight with family, neighbors, passing strangers who all are forced to must admire it.

  Kharma investigates huge flower as possible alien invasion.
"It's safe, Mom."
August 29th.  For some, this is memorable as the first day of school.  Girl will always remember this side-by-side set of incredibly large blooms at the end of summer.

Love the two-toned swirl and the bright green leaves.  Amazed at how many blossoms it has.  She's a winner!


This was the nicest of happy endings.  And I'm happy to share at a very special party for all us gardeners:  an end of the season gathering of favorites over at An Oregon Cottage.

After sharing at these parties earlier this summer:


  1. awwww, sweet! That is one large flower, or two, oh my they are gorgeous! Everything here is late this year...I'm still waiting!

  2. LOL! Well I am glad the girl got her blooms. It has lovely shades of pink.

  3. Well Girl, Yours was a success after all! When all else fails, off with it's head.. sometimes THAT really does work, it did for the Hibiscus!

  4. They are amazing when they come up like that. Beautiful!