Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Guideposts - Week72

Adventures are what make a summer.
~Robertson Davies
This summer's adventures:
  • Sleeping under the stars near Williams, Arizona, after a thundershower
  • Sleeping under the stars and a full moon on the way back--no tent, no stove, just air mattresses and sleeping bags
  • Getting a geology lesson in a parking lot
  • A morning hike almost every day
  • Re-building the Queen Mother's pond waterfall
  • Helping organize a family reunion
  • Picking a hundred and ten pounds of fruit in ninety degree sun, washing said fruit and  watching the family devour it
  • High-grading the leftover fruit for apricot jam and plum jelly
  • Seeing how much furniture we can fit in a rented mini-van for the trip to Oregon
  • Surrendering the steering wheel 
  • Moving (most of) TBG's stuff in two days when he finally found a rental
  • Knowing what time it was in Serbia
 Still adventurizing in the hopes that I can stretch summer just a bit further...

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