Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On the Third Day of Christmas

We braved the mall...and survived. 

We didn't find a new bedspread. Comforter sets are common but bedspreads, as you may not know, are far and few between. Worse yet, I have a definite preference for simple white cotton spreads and those are almost extinct.  I like our current one so much that I've cut off the frayed edge, hemmed it, rotated it ninety degrees, disguised the remaining hole as best I could and reattached the edging. 

Yeah, I really like the one we have! I have faith the universe will deliver the perfect item before our old bedspread is nothing but holes and threads. She said with her fingers crossed.

However...we did find fluffy towels in a lovely hydrangea blue (above the lavender in this photo)
 to replace the tan (atop the brown) we received.  Is there anything more luxurious than a thirsty thick towel?  Maybe one snatched from atop a warming rack! But that would actually qualify as decadent, wouldn't it?

Our last stop was the jewelry store.  Don't leap to any grandiose ideas just yet though.  My most cherished piece needed to be repaired and re-sized. I'm hopeful that by the Fifth Day of Christmas I'll be singing with a gold ring on my finger once again.

I'm thankful that Christmas leftovers provided a quick and delicious dinner when we returned to our cozy nest. I'm using those extra minutes to ponder what I want to focus on for 2012.  Tis good to reflect and reassess--we're all a work in progress!


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  1. Oh, your comment about Karma on my gun rack post made me laugh!

    I know what you mean about bedspreads, i found my lovely pink matlesse one at a thrift store, brand new! I was so thrilled! Yes, this time of year when it is cold it is so great to have a big fluffy towel!

    Happy New Year!!