Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Have Spring Fever

I raked up yet more leaves two weeks ago and realized that a couple days of warm weather were rapidly waking up my bulbs.  This is my garden two weeks ago.

and this is what it looked like just a week later after some wonderfully warm days.

 I had a nice little post that Blogger ate just as I finally had it nicely edited. There are few things I enjoy more than losing an entire post because I hit the wrong button.

Then of course we had a typical northern Nevada spring with a little snow (actually the biggest snowstorm we've had) thrown in.  Bulbs in these parts get used to erratic weather.  I wish I could say that the fruit trees do too--I'm grateful that the peach in the photo has just barely begun to think about budding.  Although we've had years with three snowfalls on blossoms and ended with a bumper crop!

You might think the snow cooled my jets. Ah, but you know me well! All it did was to make me happy for some much-needed precipitation added to our yearly total so that I won't feel too bad watering this summer.

But even if the calendar doesn't quite say Spring yet, these crocus by Lilypad Pond are definitely making me do the happy dance.

And if the hyacinths are starting to show color then gardening season can't be too far behind.

My gardener's heart is thrilled and I can hardly wait to have dirty fingernails once again!


Yippee for gardens, gardeners and the Tuesday Garden Party!



  1. Yipee! Send some spring my way, my bulbs are barely peeking out of the ground, I think they are scared!

  2. It feels so wonderful to see things growing again Roxie. We can do without those surprise snows even if they do look pretty and do not last long this time of the year. I am glad it will help with your water table. Have a wonderful week.

  3. It snowed here all day, so lovely to see a bright yellow crocus!

  4. It is looking grand with the little bulbs poking thru the soil. Same thing here, but the daffs are already fading and now the tulips are in full bloom. It looks like we are in for a long summer, HURRAH!

  5. I know how you feel! It's great to see those flowers popping up!

  6. Won't be long before you have blooms! last week in South jersey we had summer temps, and lots of trees and bushes blossomed, so there's suddenly color everwhere. Now it's cool again, more typical for March in NJ, and I'm hoping the tulips are open for Easter.Have a blessed spring!