Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Total Eclipse

We were in the right place at the right time (for once) and really looking forward to seeing the total eclipse. I've been humming..."a total eclipse of the heart"...all day long.  

Then some grey cumulus clouds appeared and instead of sunshine, we had shadow. Which might have led to me grousing and groaning about the clouds interfering with my enjoyment of the big event.

Especially since the next total eclipse for our neck of the Sierra isn't till 2045.

Look at how dark our yard looked at 6:30 pm! You can hardly see the neighbors' roof off to the lower left.  I found myself turning lights on in the house.

The clouds parted just a minute after totality and we went back to enjoying the eclipse on our little pinhole viewer. Which was fun until my sweetie noticed the back wall of the cottage.
Amazing!  The maple leaves created their own eclipse viewer. 

The whole wall was covered by these little crescents that changed as the eclipse progressed. It was so cool that we invited the neighbors over to watch the abstract, almost-Oriental patterns that resulted.
I want some wallpaper like that.  I'd never tire of it!

Meanwhile the chickadee parents (back again for a second year) were much too busy feeding their very hungry and noisy nestlings to let either the eclipse or the people standing next to their birdhouse interfere with their feeding routine!

Reporting from one of the few places in the U.S. lucky enough to view the total annular eclipse,


  1. I am sure I fried my retinas. My eyes haven't been the same since I took a picture with my camera. We did all these stories about not looking at it you could fry your retina and I think I went and did it! My right eye just feels really weird. Although it culd be the fact I'm all stuffed up and on Mucinex... I guess time will tell.

    It was cool though. :)

  2. Love the cool pictures. I also love your new look fit and healthy. could be worse...amen! I felt your hug, thank you! Hope your sweetie is feeling strong.