Monday, December 31, 2012

Even Stevens

I posted exactly forty-seven times this year. I was surprised--almost a post a week, which is pretty good considering the amount of time and energy that have gone into family health issues rather than into blogging.  And that Pinterest and I are good friends. 

But I must admit that I have forty-eight drafts that never saw the light of day.  Good ideas without photos.  Good ideas with photos that aren't in focus.  Or good ideas that suffered from a lack of time.  (My family has this idea that they deserve dinner every night.  Alas.) 

I think that's a pretty good excuse.  Still, forty-eight drafts?  Ack!  Major waste.

So rather than end the year 47 to 48, I've added this to my yearly total (because it's not quite midnight in the Biggest Little City) so that at least the drafts don't win. I've sacrificed going downtown in nine degree weather to watch the incredible fireworks display just so that I can end at Even Stevens. 

Not really.  I'm not crazy about crowds or freezing my tootsies off.

"It is what it is."  

Part "carpe diem", part "live in the moment".   A reminder to me that life isn't perfect but I need to accept it as the gift it is, and enjoy it anyway.

Bring joy,

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  1. Happy New Year! You topped me... even without the drafts:)

    Take care!!