Sunday, March 17, 2013

Magnolia Pearl Forever

Remember when I said in a perfect world I'd be wearing this romantically frilly, bohemian outfit?

Well, the world is now officially perfect.

I let out a most unladylike yelp of joy Friday afternoon when I received an email telling me I'd won this Magnolia Pearl ensemble.  I'm pretty sure they heard me all the way to Texas!  After emailing my address to Fiona and Twig (aka photographer extraordinaire Anne Lorys) who hosted the giveaway, I began day-dreaming about wearing my newly-acquired bohemian outfit when it arrives in the mail.

Daydream number one:  I'm lounging in my newly-recovered hammock, sipping an icy limeade, watching the resident goldfish swimming in Lilypad Pond and keeping an eye on the Bombshells (egg-laying machines named after Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren) so they don't dig up my newly-planted flowers or steal lunch from my veggie patch.  Naturally I'm feeling fabulous in Magnolia Pearl.  I loves me some natural fibers--I'm a cotton/linen/silk girl.

Daydream number two:  I'm sitting on a huge boulder with my sweetie, watching a fire-dance troup perform during Artown.  The Truckee River is reflecting a full moon, the July night is warm with just the merest hint of a breeze.  And I'm the best-dressed girl there.  People ask what I'm wearing.  "Magnolia Pearl, of course," I reply.

Daydream number three:  I've magically grown curly hair, my grandma's high-top boots finally shrunk to fit me, I've lost twenty pounds and I'm enjoying a margarita at one of the neighbor barbecues with some friends who haven't seen me for a while.  (I really like this daydream.)

Not only will I soon have something amazingly, incredibly fun to wear, I also found the perfect name for the newest little member of our cottage family.

Meet my sweet little Barred Plymouth Rock chick: 
M a g n o l i a    P e a r l

She'll remind me that I'm lucky every time I see her.  

The world is full of wonder.  Your wildest dreams do come true sometimes. Happiness comes unexpectedly if you just open your heart without expectation.

I'm well aware that this treasure is also the Universe sending me one of its messages.  I'm listening and acting on it.  But that's another story...

Bring joy,

p.s.  The Magnolia Pearl ranch is still for sale, waiting to bless another owner.  But after seeing the place that will become their new home, I can almost understand how Robin and John could bear to part with their old digs.  A new canvas, a new adventure! 


  1. Love Magnolia Pearl, the little barred rock. Barred Rocks grow up to be gorgeous. Big fat congrats on winning the outfit and I am sure you will find an equally pleasing scenario (aside from your daydreams) in which to show off your new duds!

    1. Thanks, Jeri. I'm looking forward to seeing Magnolia Pearl in all her barred splendor. She's growing fast. I'm going to have lots of fun playing dress up but I might have to draw the line at wearing it while gathering eggs!

  2. Pogonip, that is soooo cool!!! Yahoo:) Congratulations on your big win! Funny, Jeri had a give away that I had won- an autographed book.

    You'll have to post a photo of you in your new outfit:) I'm very happy for you!

    1. I'm still amazed, Heather. I don't think I'll really believe it till it arrives in the mail.

      I love the print I have of Jeri's, big time! As soon as the Rosebud is old enough for me to read to her, I'm getting Jeri's books to share!