Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reflections on Blogging in 2013

Thirty-three posts in 2013 isn't bad.

It's not great but it's much better than 2012 when my sweetie's health and chemo weekends occupied my time and energy and many posts were just my weekly guidepost quote.  Can I just say how grateful I am for clear CAT scans and minimal doctor visits?!  To relax into "normal" without that constant worry is a huge gift that I'm enjoying while I can.  I was nervously productive in waiting rooms and chemo suites--you should see how many yoyo's I sewed and the embroidery I stitched--but the joy wasn't there so I never blogged about any of it.

My non-blogging excuses in 2013 revolved around a malfunctioning camera; no one wants to see blurry photos.  Thankfully another camera appeared into my life (I apparently can't write without a photo to inspire me).  Since I killed the first camera by taking it to a foggy, windy, sandy beach you might think that Camera Numero Dos would be carefully shielded from the elements.  Heh, heh--maybe not. I took it with me last week so I could take photos of the grands on a winter beach.

Now I'm getting error message 6120 and soon will be delving into the mysteries of digital camera mechanics.  The photo above was totally worth it though!  Even though the camera whirs before giving me access and the lens cap only half works, it focuses.  I can live with that. 

I've done the SLR thing with a film camera and I'd rather not haul anything bulky so no expensive DSLR's are in my future. I'm happy with my simple cell to no smartphones either.  Point-and-shoots suit me.  And my almost-fully-functional camera will keep me blogging.

I've noticed that many bloggers have dropped off the blogoscope in the past couple years.  Have you seen that too or is it only my imagination? I know that as I read the "big bloggers" with their daily posts and amazing projects I get a little discouraged sometimes.  I can't compete with their readership or productivity.

Maybe you feel the same way, but you know what?  Most of them have good ideas but they don't feel like friends. You do.  I miss catching up regularly with my cherished online friends as they paint, build, re-arrange, glue gun, plant, harvest, decorate and share their lives.  I enjoy your comments and love to comment on your doings too.  It's a dialogue that just doesn't happen with mega-bloggers, as least for me.

Let's think of ourselves as filling a niche!  The friendship/inspiration/encouragement niche--it's far more important to me than catching up on the latest decorating trends.  Keep on blogging so I can keep on reading and commenting and loving you from afar.

I confesss that I've lagged in the blogging department because I'm so far behind the decorating curve that I feel out of it.  My style will never see me willingly live with a stainless steel fridge or paint one single thing in my house gray or decorate with chevrons.  Also, I lived through mid-century modern once and once was enough.  I like colorful interiors with plenty of art and furniture that tells a story.  I like cottage and country and flowers.  I might just be a few decades ahead of the latest trends in my hopeless enjoyment of unpainted oak, white appliances and brass.  I'm grateful that there are a few others out there who love the same cheery things I do. And happy some friends are showing me how to embrace just enough change and challenge myself.

Facebook and Pinterest have vacuumed up some of our precious blogging time.  It's soooo easy to make a short  Facebook entry to let family know what I'm doing.  I spend time on Pinterest regularly, but it's been solid inspiration rather than pipedreams.  I have a slew of projects that came right from my boards.  Finished projects, people!   

As I wrote this, I figured I should logically add a Pinterest button.  Now you can peek at my boards! 'Cause I figured out how to add one to my homepage...all by myself.  I totally rock.

There were twenty-three drafts in 2013 (as oppposed to forty-eight in 2012!) that never saw the light of a computer monitor. Subjects ranging from Mr. Roger's birthday to the truth about chickens.  No loss.

But there's a how-to draft showing my ever-improving velvet pumpkin skills.  A draft featuring a colorful new guest room quilt--my first quilt made for an actual bed (not a picnic or a wall hanging or a holiday pillow).  Also, helping to make my niece's dream wedding a reality was a highlight and I've barely shared it.  Especially since it sparked a long-dormant dream into the planning stages of creative and hopefully lucrative fun.  I definitely must turn some of the drafts into published posts.

So there you have it.  Looking back at what I did right--and what I could have done better--always helps me make my fresh starts more productive.  I really want to live my mantra for this year!



  1. I'm glad that your husband's health issues are better now. That can comsume a lot of energy with worry and appointments.
    I agree about the big bloggers. Most that I have followed have never ever made a comment on any of my posts. My home will never look like theirs and that's okay with me. I like to know the person of the blog I am reading.
    Yes, there has been a few bloggers that have dropped out. I wish when they would they woud at least let us know. I just couldn't drop off the side of the earth like so many do.
    I love the picture of your granddaughters. So cute. I am still a point and shoot person. My DIL's have fancy cameras and take pictures but then I never see the picture. At least when I take them myself I can see them.
    Here's to a good year in blogging.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your dear family.
    I think you have had a really busy year. Family always comes first before blogging (Thank goodness your husband is doing so much better) decorating is such a personal thing, not everyone likes the same thing but , but its fun to see the creativity. Hoping this year brings you joy sending hugs, Elizabeth

    1. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings to you in your new place. I loved the old place and know my socks will be knocked off by the new one! Adventures are good!

  3. and here I thought I was the only one with white appliances and 'no' granite! I will survive ;) Love your yearly wrap-up, I don't know if I came too late to your blog but I was unaware of your sweetie having cancer. Good to hear that things are looking to you for 2014. Now I need to go post something too!

    1. I never made more than a brief mention of his diagnosis. It's especially important to have a "happy place" to go to when other parts aren't so much fun and my little blog was a good place to forget reality and play instead! I guess I must feel pretty good about his health right now if I'm actually talking about it!

  4. Personally I can't stand facebook, but i love pinterest, just for keeping a file of my favorite everythings. Blogging just feels like home. I have noticed a decrease in comments and bloggers I never hear from anymore. It's weird how that happens, they just disappear. Probably out of frustration. Some blogs just grow and grow and grow, those mega bloggers you speak of. I only get about 10 new readers year, but I keep on truckin. I am glad that health wise, all is well in your home.

  5. I loved catching up! Your sweet comment made me smile. Keeping up with twin teenage daughters is a big job! (so thankful that they are good girls) I love this post. I agree! So glad to hear the good news about your sweetie and love the pictures of your family!

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment. My twins are one of the highlights in my life. I love this post. I agree! So happy the hear the good news about your sweetie. I enjoyed catching up and love all your fun pictures.