Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sparkly White Snowflakes

I love snowflakes, real or faux.

An aside...We could use some of the real thing along about now.  I know there are plenty of people in the eastern U.S. who are shivering in the white stuff, but we're heading for another drought year here in the West.  My garden would appreciate a nice insulating blanket of snowflakes now and it would be great to have lots of cool water this summer.  Then too, I'd like to indulge one of my favorite wintertime activities--going for a midnight walk with Kharma after a good dump.  The fresh snow sparkles as though every crafter in the universe poured their glitter outside my door. But this isn't really about winter weather...

I'm not one of those people who look around the day after Christmas and take down their tree and pack away all the decorations.  The Queen Mother does that and I've never understood why.  I'm that friend, the one who firmly believes in the Twelve Days of Christmas and never puts one ornament away before Epiphany on January sixth. So I'm just now hauling in the bins, carefully wrapping Santas and reindeer away until next December.  I've packed away the holiday napkins and towels, the mugs and Spode Christmas plates.  The nativity sets and tinsel garlands are gone.  I'm making progress.

Sometimes I get sidetracked.  (I'm easily sidetracked.)

Partly because it's a lot more fun to get out eight bins of holiday crap than to put them away.  Partly because I know the cottage will seem awfully austere after the cheery Christmas treasures are packed up. 

Today the culprit was this coppery/orange snowflake (a gift two years ago) which managed to hold up an entire bin of holiday decor.  All the other snowflakes that hang out (literally) with a holly garland and white lights on top of my china cabinet are nicely packed away.  I couldn't bring myself to add this brash varmint to the starched white crochet flakes and iridescent sparkly crystals.  I'm sure there's a venue for orange snowflakes but it's not in my home.

 Even though it was breezy outside, that didn't stop me from a bit of spray-painting.  And it was plenty warm enough in the garage for glue and glitter.  So I did.  I wish you could see how sparkly this looks now that it's well-glittered with twinkles of silver, gold, green and turquoise.

My family won't have to look at an orange snowflake next Christmas!  Whew! I've saved them from a horrible fate.

Now I can add this last snowflake to the otherwise fully-packed bin and move on to figuring out how the wallhangings and pillows all fit into the next box.

Am I the only one who manages to complete lots of holiday to-do's after Christmas rather than in a timely manner beforehand? It happens every January for me.  I now think of myself as being prepared eleven months ahead of time rather than a month late.

Bring joy,

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