Wednesday, January 01, 2014

This Year's Word Is...

more than one word actually.

"Bring Joy" was 2013.  It fit my glass-half-full personality.  Sometimes I succeeded in living up to it, sometimes I admittedly failed.  It did remind me that It's Not All About Me.  I'm not the most self-centered person in the Great Basin, but I do have some strong opinions and sometimes it's good to rein in and admit that there are other POVs.  The unexpected outcome of "Bring Joy" was that, by trying to make other people happy, I was happier too.  I love a win-win!

Even though 2013 is over, "Be Joyful" wasn't just a passing thought.  Using it to sign off in my (all too infrequent) posts reinforced it over and over.  My 2013 motto will hang around--it's a part of my life now.  That's success!

The thought for 2014--"Be Inspired"--was an easy pick but it needed some tweaking. The concept wasn't quite challenging enough.  Because honestly it's easy to be inspired nowadays. Pinterest and wonderful blogs and on-going meditation series and online dog seminars have encouraged me to cook new recipes, crochet from a written pattern, improve my photos, explore gratitude, sew my first big quilt, finish more projects than usual and delight my dog with lots of play that was actually training.  

I wanted to continue that trend but I am feeling the need to be more than I am.  So while I will continue to be energized by all the amazing people out there, I think it's my turn to motivate and encourage and I'm focusing on the "inspire" part too. I know I'm not going to start the next big design trend or have a tutorial go viral or post amazing renovation projects three days a week.  But the common thread in those things is that people do as well as dream.

I guess that's my goal.  Hello, Twenty's time to 


What's your word/motto/thought for the year?

Bring joy,

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  1. Love your new year new word! I'm still waiting for mine to come to me, so many things in my mind but the right one will make itself clear soon. Best wishes for 2014