Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Lover-ly Thoughts in the Kitchen

Spaghetti was such an easy comfortable dinner on this chilly and slightly breezy winter evening. It was delightful to have quantity of pre-made spaghetti sauce that just needed to be reheated while the vermicelli was boiling and, voila, dinner was served.  It wasn't quite as good as having someone else make dinner for me, but it'll do.

That got me thinking about all the delicious foods that we reserve for the cold seasons and would never think of making during the summer. Or am I the only one that switches menus just as though they were some seasonal decor that is packed away until the next holiday rolls around?

Last week we had Vietnamese Chicken Curry (a Pinterest discovery).  It was good, but somehow didn't live up to our memories of the first time we cooked it and declared it yummy as written.  We'll be fine tuning it for future use. 

Roasted Red Pepper Crab Soup is in our future as soon as we shop for three red bell peppers.  It's a winter classic at our house and my mouth is watering even as I type.  We have plenty of extra crab because we just made sushi for our Sunday night family dinner--and sushi is definitely a summer treat in my book since it doesn't heat up the kitchen.  But since I got lucky and tthe kids made it, I'm not quarreling with their choice and I'm delighted with the crab windfall! 

There's a second tri-tip from Costco that needs barbecuing and I'm hoping this one yields some leftovers too because it's been awhile since I've made French Dip Sandwiches, with sourdough naturally.

Truth to tell, I'd rather be crafting right now.   I'm slowly finishing a reupholstering project that was just waiting for the after-Christmas lull.   The sewing machine has been busy as I magically transform some of my older quilted wallhangings into a warm and cozy throw:  I'm this close to finishing it.

However, dinner happens every night no matter what I'd rather be doing.  Cooking seems like an imposition but simmering odds and ends from the pantry into Scotch Broth, or Curried Chicken Noodle, or Chicken Potato Soup makes me pretty darned happy.  Why is that?

On the other hand, baking never counts as cooking--maybe because it doesn't put demands on me night after night after night.  I have a special dessert project that just needs a couple fancy-free hours this week...Lemon Meringue Pie.  I think we all need some delicious lemon-y goodness to get us through this cold spell and make us dream of warm, tropical days instead

I gave my sweetie a "subscription" to the Pie of the Month Club for Christmas.  He gets to choose a pie, any pie...and I get to make it.  Every month.  What fun!  I love to spoil him, she said with a big grin

Enough rambling on as I plan some upcoming menus for frosty February--back to the sewing machine. Over and out.


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