Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Ruffians--When Cute Chicks Go Punk

My sweet little day-old peeps are growing up fast.   We went from fluffy oreos...

 to these scruffy rapidly-growing pullets in three short weeks.  Sigh. 

At three weeks old, they are half fluff, half feather--they've definitely got a punk vibe going. Happily, a sweet chorus of peeps still serenades us from their powder room homestead.

They're skittish babies one moment and fearless ruffians the next--as schizoid as spring weather.

Their chick brooder aka former rabbit cage seems to be rapidly shrinking in size so I'm looking forward to fully-feathered damsels that can graduate to outdoor living in another three to five weeks. It's time to plan what changes will be needed for this new flock

I need to lower the coop for easy access (for the pullets not for me!) and plan to update the run. I'm especially looking forward to constructing a cottage-style white picket fence and gate this time around. The current rickety structure was thrown together quickly before we went on a trip and isn't exactly something you'd Pin or see featured on Backyard Chickens.

I was thinking a spiffy white, but don't you love this blue gate that Manuela has in her garden? I could picture an aqua one--very tempting.

 Especially since it would nicely match the inside of the coop. 

And we all know girls appreciate those thoughtful decorating touches.  Happy chicks are my aim.  That...and fresh eggs in four months.

And since it's supposed to be eighty-seven degrees tomorrow, guess who's gonna get their first outing into the Great Outdoors?!  Photos to come...

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  1. That's the stage we call their awkward adolescene, when they're transitioning from cute to full grown. I've never thought of them as looking punk before, but you're right!

    1. Their attitude is pretty punk-like too!

  2. Is the spotted pullet a barred rock or plymouth? I love those! I do wish they would stay wee chicks just a while longer before going through the "ugly duckling" stage. At least we know they all become perfectly lovely when fully grown!

    1. I have two barred Plymouth Rocks and a Buff Plymouth Rock, Jeri. And our Buff Orpington thinks the new girls are wonderful company although they seem to think four is a crowd. I suspect they'll come around once they are all together permanently though!

      I do think this new flock is the least homely at this adolescent stage though. Or maybe I'm getting used to the scraggly stage...

  3. Cute to see the chicks growing!

  4. OMG, they are adorable and I bet they have completely changed by now...I bet you have that cute well decorated coup already made!


  5. You are such a good chicken mommy decorating the boudoir for the ladies in pale shades of blue to offset their lovely feathers! That pullet stage is so unattractive, it good to know they will all turn out to be real beauties in the end.