Friday, January 02, 2015

Research--Laying a Foundation for Success

How high-falutin' does that make me sound?! 

Mindful is a great mantra but it's only a place to start.  I could see the possibilities for better health, less stress, stronger relationships, and a fulfilled spirit--and I had some ideas.

This (Be Inspired/Be Inspiring) was a good starting point last year and I achieved some successes but I know I could been more inspiring if I'd had a stronger focus.  Or anything like a plan.

So...I've been spending time picking other people's brains.  Motivational-speaker-type brains.  It's the beginning of a New Year--like you hadn't noticed and needed me to tell you--and it's hard to tell if there's more people trumpeting Losing Weight or Making Resolutions solutions.  There are a lot of amazing people out there with some great ideas who want to help us live happier and better lives.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind us lining their pockets with a bit of lucre (the clean kind) but they are also willing to share plenty of free info.

I'm processing a truckload of their advice--I'm keeping the emeralds and blue topazes and throwing back the diamonds and rubies.  That sounds ever-so-slightly insane if you're a diamond and rubies sort, but now you know what jewelry makes my heart flutter.  Same thing with ideas. Or decorating trends. Or husbands.  Gotta go with what's right for you.

Currently:  evaluating last year.  Making a list of wins.  Deciding what I want to be thankful for as I look back on 2015.  Thinking a whole lot.

Stay shiny! (I'm in the midst of a Firefly marathon and can't help myself.  Kaylee fan!)

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