Monday, February 15, 2016

A Home Of His Own

We're on the real estate roller coaster with our younger son. Exciting, heart-wrenching, thrill and chills...the whole magilla!  I'm hoping to say "all's well that end's well" (thank you, Mr. Shakespeare) very, very soon.  And I look forward to an entire night of peaceful repose for a change.

Sheesh, buying a home for oneself is tame compared to undergoing the same torture with your child.  I know I can't smooth every path for him, but that doesn't make me not wish to torture various sellers and their agents with an incandescently-red poker.  Hmmm, maybe that's why they call it a "hot" real estate market hereabouts?

It's not all bad.  I love looking at houses and seeing their potential to become a dream home.  Isn't that why all the DIY, home-making blogs are so popular?  Fixer Upper, anyone?

After viewing homes that had more drawbacks than assets, and living through the disappointments of failed offers, he's found a home that checked off every box.
  • Three bedroom, two bath, 
  • decent-sized yard of the Goldilocks variety (not too big, not too small), 
  • livable right off but with potential to upgrade and personalize,
  • zoned for good schools, reasonable HOA fees (two things that directly affect value in our area),
  • decent commute time.
This one had all of the above plus an enormous walk-in in the master and the largest main bathroom we'd seen.  Two hundred extra square feet provided spacious rooms and a great flow throughout.  Our son said, "It's the nicest home I've seen!"  We all stood in the front room with big smiles on our faces.

I'm totally lame but I even liked the address and street name.

Needless to say, he's made an offer.  A very good, strong offer.  Not to leave you hanging, but it's a tight market out there and he's been disappointed more than once.

Fingers and toes crossed...I would love to start blogging about "his house" and all the non-girly, classic improvements that he'd like to make.  But for now, I don't wanna jinx it by frying any fish before I've caught them.

Stay creative,

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