Tuesday, February 16, 2016

So Close He Can Taste It

It's official: our boomerang child is buying has bought a house!

Right now this spacious, airy place is a delicious vanilla concoction that's visually appealing to a wide variety of buyers.  The walls are a soft tan, the carpet a mid-brown tweed, the tile a pale ivory, the kitchen has new granite countertops.

Yes, there's bright brass obnoxiously winking at him from the master bathroom.  And the cabinets are finished in what he not-so-fondly refers to as pickled pink oak. 

Worst of all:   Every. Single. Major. System. in the house has issues.  Thank heavens for a great home inspector!  Most of the problems are relatively minor and none of us expected a house built in 1997 to be flawless.  But some (a non-functioning A/C unit, incorrect plumbing, and a leaky water heater come to mind) would have been dealbreakers if the sellers had not relented with a fairly substantial credit.  Our son really was willing to walk away and continue looking. Good boy!  He liked this house a lot, but decided that being disappointed and needing to look further would be far better than regretting buying a money pit.

I think the cardinal rule of real estate is that the perfect home for you IS out there, you just have to keep believing, not get discouraged and know that the Universe will provide.

Conversely, if what seems like your dream home slips away to another buyer or falls out of escrow for any of a hundred reasons, then know that it's not meant to be.

This house was a four-day nail-biter while the sellers reviewed multiple offers.  Then the home inspection was a gigantic disappointment that could have sent him back to the MLS listings.  But the stars aligned in the end and the escrow went smoothly and is closing just one day late--a minor miracle in itself.

So...today our son signed all the papers and tomorrow it's just a matter of waiting for the keys!

Wasn't it just yesterday that I took a picture of this little boy going out our front door ready for his first day of kindergarten and now I'll be taking a photo of him opening his own front door for the very first time!

Stay creative,

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