Tuesday, January 12, 2021

My Frustration With Pinterest

I forgot my password to my Pinterest account!  

I had a Pin It button on my old PC, so pinning was automatic and easy.  Then I upgraded to a new laptop and after automatically logging in for so many years, I'd forgotten my password and no possibility that I tried worked.

No big deal, right?  Just ask to reset my long-forgotten password and, voila, back in business.

I wish!  I've tried numerous times over several months to reset my account without success.  They email me an autolink to reset my password and instead it asks me to log in.  

Seriously, Pinterest?  

If I could log in, I wouldn't have asked to reset my password.  Duh.

Yeah, I've tried to contact them for help.  Pretty useless.  No reply.  (It makes me wonder if there are actual people working there.)  It's pretty frustrating, mostly because it seems like it should be simple. Heck, asking to reset a password is probably the one thing most of us have in common!

I've even been willing to give up the effort I've put into my pins over the years and sign up for a new account.  I'm willing to start over.   There are so many images that I'd love to save for future inspiration. Foxes, felt animals, watercolor cows, doll clothes, marble shower stalls, trellises, wood mantels, rock retaining walls... But, no-ooo, trying to initiate a new account just takes me back into the "log in" rabbit hole.

Without logging in, I not only can't access my boards, I also can't browse freely through the wonderful ideas that others have pinned.

Enough is enough.  I've officially given up on Pinterest and their horrendous customer service.  Or should I say, disservice?

I've discovered that there are other options that are similar.  I'm pretty sure I'll find something that makes me forget Pinterest ever existed. Maybe I'll even be able to recommend something new for others to try!

The internet hasn't beaten me yet.  At least I'm coming closer to a new photo editor (maybe even a way to keep using Picasa 3).  I can't wait until I can install a new Meadowsweet Cottage banner!

Be (Inspire)d #2

There is no must in art 
because art is free.
~ Wassily Kandinsky

Thursday, January 07, 2021

What Word is 2021?

Meadowsweet Cottage

I like having a thought that can inspire me for the year ahead.  Even better if it's a single word that encapsulates goal and ambitions.

I really thought Vision was perfect way back last January given that 20/20 is a solid benchmark at one's optometrist. And maybe it was a good thought, although it didn't work out quite the way any of us thought. It's too bad there wasn't more vision utilized as challenges appeared.  Too bad that people didn't look ahead and think.

This year?  I'm afraid to hope.  Well, not entirely true.  I'm wary and afraid to hope too much. So I don't want a word with too much optimism for fear that I might jinx myself.

 Currently I'm thinking that Choice may be a good reminder for 2021. It's a stand-back-and-think-about-it kind of word.  It's a word for being proactive rather than reacting thoughtlessly.  It's goal-oriented.

I think that our choices reflect our inner person.  Who we truly are deep down in our individual core. They reflect our principles, our lines in the sand as well as what we are willing to trade for what we want.

Oh sure, some decisions are trivial and mundane.  Or we think they are and then find that even those add up eventually.

Others can be life changing.

Our choices define us.  They define our future.  They shepherd us toward a goal.

I truly hope that having Choice as my touchstone might make me think a bit harder, reflect a bit deeper, examine closely.  

We all are going to have a lot of choices this year that are going to shape society and influence the way history looks back on us.  Reconciliation?  Consequences?  Responsibility?  Independence? 

Choice is never about the past, but rather the continuing saga of our lives. Choice moves us forward, or sideways or spins us around dizzily.  Choice can be risky or cautious.  We can be unsure as we choose and trust that things will work out.  We can choose to change our minds if our original choice proves unwise.

Anyone else choose a word this year?

p.s.  I wrote this on January 1, intending to edit it, thinking that perhaps a different word would emerge.  But after yesterday's shameful events in our nation's capital, I think that perhaps Choice was the perfect word and my thoughts need no editing.

Monday, January 04, 2021

Be (Inspire)d #1

The future belongs to those who believe in the  beauty of their dreams.   

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Yes, it's Meadowsweet Cottage.  Wondering where the blog title is?  Me too! 

I'm reworking the header and realized I need to edit the image of the truck to include the blog name.  Silly me! It's been awhile since I played the blogging game so bear with me while I figure this out with a new photo editor.  I miss Picasa3!



 Must.  Have.  Resolutions.

I'm starting with the very easiest to accomplish:

I plan to seek out inspiring quotations this year.  It's been awhile since I had a weekly guidepost, but I remember how effective it was to see incremental change, back in the blogging day.  Just putting an idea out in the cosmos makes a difference in what one can achieve.  Words are magic that way.

"Try and fail. But don't fail to try."

~John Quincy Adams

Conquer a simple challenge.  There's no telling where you might end up once you're used to success!  Today, soft pretzels...tomorrow the world.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Farewell to the Year That None Of Us Wanted

Ah, yes, 2020.  As this year wanes, I'm sure I'm not the only one looking back on it for the lessons it holds and making plans to improve the year to come.

There were bright spots. 

Babies whose arrival brightened our lives and made us more determined to shape our world into a space where they could be safe and healthy.  A baby girl born on Leap Day and many discussions on how one celebrates birthdays.  A baby boy born to a couple who've been hoping for a decade.  A baby girl and the miracle of IVF. Each of them deserves clean air and fresh water, opportunity to learn and grow to their full abilities, ideals to live up to and a hopeful future.

A sparkly ring finger this December.  Because nothing could be better than knowing your child has found happiness and commitment in life and loving the one he chose.

Gratitude as I discovered the difference between need and want, between essential and optional. I realized how truly fortunate I am.  I value people more than acquisitions, simple pleasures more than elaborate plans.  Give me a needle and thread, seeds and sunshine, a neighbor's smile over the back fence. 

I've managed to foster some good habits.  Planning a dinner menu is now something I anticipate rather than a chore to dread.  I have my composting system dialed in.  I wake up to a kitchen with all the pots and pans cleaned and put away.  I have finished many a long-term project.  I am less a procrastinator and more a planner.

Gratitude, again, that I've spent a lifetime acquiring some very useful skills.  I can cut hair, cook from scratch, bake with confidence, sew cute and well-fitting masks for family and friends, grow a productive garden, give a good massage, mend and make alterations fearlessly, triage medical conditions, paint birthday cards, raise healthy hens, build a chicken coop, read for pleasure and escape as well as to learn and grow, tackle any frustrating internet app until it has bent to my will and also let science be my guide in confusing times. To these, I've added the ability to French braid my own hair, make a reliable loaf of sourdough, and match my pajama selection to the sheet set of the week. This was a good year to be fairly self-sufficient.


I'm content to stay in my little home, with the love of my life and my heart dog, and dream of better days ahead while I strive to make our current life delight-full.

So, 2020 might not have been the year I was looking forward to, filled with family and friends and all the cherished yearly events and holidays.  I can't change the past but I can foster the future.

A happy new year to us, each and every one. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive, stay kind. Be thoughtful, be open, be critical, be idealistic.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

My All-Time Very Favorite Wondrous Christmas Ornament

I always refer to it as the Soap Bubble.
There's nothing better than sitting together on the loveseat and seeing all the magic and beauty of Christmas condensed into one perfect sphere. 
It reflects the special ornaments made by little hands, the cross-stitch beauties made by family, the Shiny Brites from my childhood, the elves from our first married Christmas, the satin ornaments we bought for our first tree, the spun-glass icicles, the wooden European ornaments, the teensy-tiny ornaments that glisten high up on the most delicate branches as well as each colorful lightbulb.