Thursday, October 25, 2007


I really should be at work. Picture me typing away with a giant grin on my face, because I'm not. (The grin just got larger as I typed that.)

I'm playing hookey, cutting class, being a Bad Girl. And it's kinda fun.

I'm rewarding myself for the angelic patience I've shown post-surgery while waiting for the dressing to come off and the stitches to be removed. And I followed the 11th commandment (Thou Shalt Not Whine) pretty well considering my usual impatience.

The wrist may look like it recently belonged to Dr. Frankenstein with its greenish color and stitches, but the fingers attached to it are fully functional. They move, they type, they feel. Well, mostly. There is still a bit of numbness but it is going away more quickly than I expected (given that I couldn't feel anything with them pre-surgery). There is no more burning, no tingly pins-and-needles.

I can tell I still have plenty of strengthening exercises to do before they can do some simple things like snap fingers, but I think buttons and shoelaces are a definite possibility. The surgeon says lots of massaging the carpal tunnel area to break down scar tissue is a good idea. And I may not be lifting weights for quite some time--maybe 2008?

But I can post on my blog again, I can wear normal long-sleeves on our cooler days, and I am grateful beyond belief that I can wash my hands when a sick kindergartner hurls right next to me.

Flitting away now to enjoy more this playing hookey stuff.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Deal or No?

I'm grateful that Grammy is taking care of me. Cooking meals, etc.

But I'm stuck with Basic Cable and worse yet, she watches Deal or No Deal. Good thing I can entertain myself with blogs while it blasts away in the background, And my gramma used to watch Lawrence Welk so it could be worse.