Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

I love Earth Day!  It might have something to do with the reliably beautiful spring weather every year.  Like the weather gods are celebrating too--not partying like immature frat boys, mind ya, but more like a proper Downton Abbey cricket team.

So today I biked to work.  Yep, a whopping half mile each way.  In the aforementioned gorgeous weather.  Sometimes Life is delightful even if it is Monday.

And I read up on some new (to me) ways to use my chicken compost in the garden.   And the benefits of worm tea when growing veggies in a short season, cool night climate.

I sprinkled my new gloriosa daisy, candytuft and peony transplants which seem to be flourishing in their new locations.  And harvested some spring lettuce for tonight's dinner.

I collected an egg and a half from the old flock (that's an egg plus an egg fart, for the uninitiated) and let the new flock enjoy the sunshine.

My fruit smoothie had some frozen peaches from last year's crop--so yummy!  I biked to the river after work and thought about the possibility of getting a trout stamp this year.  I do love fresh trout--especially now that I've discovered trout amandine.

I'm not perfect--I confess that I nuked a few dandelions with some chemicals this weekend.  Before you lecture me, I don't poison my whole lawn, just squirt the bad guys once early in the spring when they're susceptible.  (My sweetie likes to dig them up using an old screwdriver but you know they just come back bigger and better from the root.)

We use a miscellaneous collection of cloth bags for our grocery shopping.  Glass bottles get reused in the fridge and cooler.  We each have a stainless steel water bottle for our water.

There's something that just feels right about eating local, growing some delicious fruit and veggies, and being a good caretaker of my little patch of Mama Earth.

Anybody else celebrating?

 Bring joy,