Monday, April 23, 2012

Celebrating Mother Earth

Here's my favorite three minutes and thirty seconds of the whole 

Hug a tree.  Recycle a can.  Grow a flower.  Save the planet.

Happy (belated) Earth Day,

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Picasa 3.9 goes Picnik

I just (somewhat inadvertently) upgraded from Picasa 3 to Picasa 3.9. And guess what? They've added two whole sections of image processing lifted right from Picnik. 

I have to admit that I've always taken a basic approach with Picasa and manipulated my images rather than using a canned approach so I've been a bit at a loss why everyone bemoaned the demise of Picnik. 

BUT!  (Yes, that's a big but.  Not to be confused with a big butt.  Very important.)

The new tools have some sweet effects like Neon, Polaroid, HDR-ish, Posterize, and Pencil Sketch.   

Pencil Sketch, people!  I've been smitten with other bloggers use of Pencil Sketch (or something similar) and it just landed in my lap.

And Posterize and I are destined to have a happy relationship too. 

I have a Netflix (Game of Thrones, Disk 5) waiting, but I just had to play a bit and show you why I'm tickled.

Straight out of the camera:

Pencil Sketch:

Pencil sketch with some color:

I love this soft pastel look.  Just imagine what I can do with this once the new grand-daughter arrives!

And Posterize:

Not the best photo to show Posterize perhaps but much better than if I'd shown you the somewhat zombie-ish look of the Neon action.  No bunny deserves that!

The one thing that blogger/users of Picasa 3 will immediately notice is a missing "Blog This" button.  I can help with that!

Go to the Tools tab at the top of Picasa.  Hit Configure Buttons.  Double click Blog This--and might as well add Collage while you're at it.  (Or single click and then Add. )

Presto!  You're in business!

I admit that it's fun to have some new options in photo-editing.