Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's Baby Chicks Day

You can have your Tiffany Blue boxes and the sparkling treasures within.

You can keep your scrumptious dinners with an excellent wine in a restaurant where someone else cooks and cleans up.

You can keep your tropical vacations to Hawaii when springtime is still way too cold at home.

I'd like all those things too.  But... these little peeps are what bring me real, true, deep-down happiness and joy. 

So here are the obligatory baby pictures from a doting chicken mama. (I currently have 430 chicken photos on my hard drive.  In my defense, that's only 33 photos per chick.  It could be worse.)


Seriously, what's cuter than a day-old peep running amock on your coffee table right before Easter?


Or an Oreo sandwich?  And check out that cute lil white chicken butt on the left.  So sweet!

I say do whatever brings you true happiness, no matter how crazy it might seem to anybody else. And if your dream also provides fresh eggs, consumes scrap veggies and provides excellent compost--all the better.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I Got The Art Bug and Finally Started Painting

I'm very proud of myself. Apparently Spring Break is exactly what I needed to get enthused enough to finally grab a paint brush and begin those paintings that have been fermenting in my brain.

I had time and inspiration enough to paint a landscape on the weekend. Then the knowledge that there was no school bell ruling my life yesterday enabled me to work on these two small seascapes.

I bought an expensive frame for the larger canvas ages ago, hoping it would motivate me into turning a blank white into a lovely decorating piece.  Here's a peek at how it looks when I put it together.  Don't you just loooove it?!

Me neither!  April Fool's! 

I couldn't resist since I had the raw materials:  I found the frame and canvases in a "free" pile when a neighbor moved out two weeks ago.  I never turn my nose up at canvases no matter how bad they are.  Even if the "trees" are strokes of paint over a "leaf" background and the mountain is nearly invisible.  Or the seascapes completely ignore the rule of thirds.  Or the artist mistakenly thinks the Pacific is dark blue.  Because all I see is a free canvas!

I once picked up a completely black canvas and carried it home (it's pink homage of roses and rose quotes now). 

The frame is truly hideous.  The light wood is nice but the rough carved dark part is challenging my creative instincts.  Any suggestions?  Maybe a driftwood treatment and add a chalkboard?  Or a bright turquoise paint job for a modern fun look?  Or even a nice bonfire to warm my hands from my morning walk?

Now go forth and punk someone you love.