Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Julia Child, Karen Blixen and Princess Di

Names of just a few of the many roses we saw at the International Rose Garden in Washington Park. Why International? No idea. Why Washington Park when we were in Oregon? Again, no idea. (Okay, I admit I'm too lazy to Google it.) The roses were at their absolute peak though and we even had an overcast day to make our stroll more comfortable.

My two favorite roses were prominently displayed: Iceberg, an almost thornless white rose with a beautiful bud that's foolproof to grow, and Peace, which is the best rose ever bred. Hey, it's not just my opinion--way back when Y2K rolled around Peace was named Rose of the Century.

I took enough photos to illustrate a book on roses. Some of them even turned out okay.

Love and Peace--spectacular color and pretty much Pooh's favorite.

Diana, Princess of Wales--sometimes the rose and the name are a perfect match.

Julia Child--the group favorite.

Jean Giono--I received this one as a teacher gift from a kindergartener a couple of years ago and it didn't make it through the winter and I've been unable to find another plant. Now I have a couple of photos of it instead.

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  1. Those roses are so beautiful!! I love pretty flowers.