Friday, June 13, 2008


I finally unearthed my vast collection of Roxy t-shirts, standard summer wear with shorts and jeans. And I discovered that the adidas shorts I got from Costco have pockets. I love pockets! So I think a return trip for more would be a good idea before the rest of Reno discovers them.

My rainbow of t-shirts in every shade of blue, aqua, white, ivory and tan as well as black and red is neatly hung in our closet. What's that you ask? Where are all my teacher clothes? Get ready for Tip #2 from my summer cleanup: Space bags, my friends, space bags. Space bags layered in storage containers and then vacuumed. It's amazing how many clothes can fit in a container that way.

The pond project? Don't ask. Well, don't ask YET. I'll get there.

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