Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lesson Learned

We've had a recipe-to-try on hold for a week or so. Roasted Pepper & Crab Soup--doesn't that sound delicious? We thought so.

Had the crab (frozen imitation crabmeat, but, hey, it was free...), got the red bell peppers, the half-and-half, then discovered that we didn't have potatoes. Finally got the potatoes before any of the other ingredients rotted, so tonight was soup night.

First, we roasted the bell peppers and peeled them. After three years of roasting and peeling Hatch Valley chiles to feed my yen for New Mexican cuisine, I am a pepper-preparing expert, and this was simple in comparison. We peeled and diced the potatoes. We measured the spices and the light cream. We defrosted the crab. We began to combine and heat the ingredients. (I use the term "we" loosely here--Erkie-pie provided the recipe from AllRecipes.com, I provided the muscle. )

Before adding the flaked crabmeat, the recipe directed us to put the heated soup in the blender and puree the vegetables.

Yeah, that was my reaction too. The volcanic lentil lava episode made me cautious about blenders and hot soup.

I grabbed the strainer instead, separated the veggies from the hot liquid and pureed them by themselves. I added them back to the hot liquid, tossed in the crab and voila! A feast.

Hot sourdough bread was the perfect accompaniment. I have no idea how many calories I've ingested, and I don't really want to know, but my tummy is very happy. Compared to lentil, crab soup doesn't make a very exciting blog post, but my kitchen and my pants are a lot cleaner.


  1. That sounds, and looks, delicious. I wish I had the know-how and patience to make a yummy soup like that from scratch. :)

  2. It actually wasn't hard once we had all the ingredients in one place (like our kitchen instead of the grocery store).