Friday, March 20, 2009


Happy First Day of...

Teensy-weensy leaves on my new lilac.
Actually mowed the back lawn (the easier to find dog piles).
Full-size daffodils blooming.
Also pink hyacinths unfolded while I wasn't looking.
Fruit tree buds get bigger and bigger every day.
Crocus progression: yellow, purple stripes, white (we're at white).
Actually warm--can short sleeves be far in my future?
Is Spring Fever an actual illness?
Blue sweet violets.
I can get the baby goats in the pasture to come to me by saying Maaaaa to them.
Kids (human) playing outside after school.
Sunglare at dinner--I might want to replace the mini-blinds that I threw out.
Or I could continue to let my sweetie suffer.
Female parakeets (I'm bird-sitting) love the newly-pruned apple branches.
Getting ready to plant spuds--added sand to the bed.
Tree pollen is not my friend, she said as she blew her nose and her tear duct exploded instead.
Snow is predicted on the valley floor by tomorrow night.
An entire post without one single photo.

It's how many days till Spring Break?

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  1. Awwww baby goats. I love baby goats! They just bleet Spring to me. :)