Sunday, August 09, 2009

Gone To The Dogs

If there is one thing I love, it's my dog(s). So I received an appropriate birthday gift from my sister Pooh: a pattern for a jacket featuring some Dazzling Dogs! We had some unseasonably cool weather, so I had a great excuse to stay inside and craft while I was still enthusiastic about my new patterns and inspired by their resemblance to many wonderful dogs I've known.

After one very long day of sorting through my fabric stash as I envisioned each dog's personality, trying and retrying combinations of colors and textures, sometimes getting it right quickly, sometimes failing miserably and needing a second attempt before I was satisfied, I have these dogs. Unfinished, but cute.

Okay, Baxter's really unfinished, but I turns out I own only two grey fabrics and one didn't make the cut. I swore I was making this whole project out of my stash, but he just begs to have a silvery muzzle and I can't resist a begging dog. Baxter was the free download from Amy Bradley, the designer of Dazzling Dogs, so of course he's the troublemaker who's gonna force me to buy more fabric.

Poor Ruff looks a little naked without his polo shirt. Wait till you see him with happy dog smile.
This is Skipper, the Shih Tzu. He had to be black and white like the very talented Toby who lives in Fremont, rather than cute puppy Zeke who lives next door. Don't ask me why, sometimes the patterns take over and I have no choice.
I adore Pitties, known as Wiggle Butts around our house. Major here, who reminds me of Dozer, is clearly on vacation somewhere near Laguna Beach.
Winn Dixie will be darling with hair bows, lace trim, eyelashes and a big smile. Winn Dixie and Ruff are technically Pound Hounds rather than Dazzling Dogs, but mutts and purebreds look equally spiffy once they're dressed up.
And then there's Prissy. Still needs rhinestones for her glasses.

Next step: fuse them to the jacket and start blanket-stitching details! I think I can safely say (knock wood!) that this is one project that'll be finished before jacket weather arrives.

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  1. These are adorable! I think Winn Dixie is my favorite!