Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sneak Peek Preview

Something's cookin' in the workshop. Well, maybe not exactly cooking although the sewing machine has been working hard enough to heat up a tad. Hmmmm...maybe that's a good idea--a sewing machine that I can cook on. What a time saver that would be!

I have a project and I grabbed these inexpensive fabrics in a rush at Wally World. Now that I have them home, I realize they are so me!

Mary Englebreit and me--not a subtle bone in our bodies. If you love bright strong colors, might as well embrace them and flaunt it. What can I say? They just make me happy!

Betcha you'd never guess that I love to wear aqua and turquoise.This turquoise/merlot combination seems familiar somehow...

I just naturally opted to try the hardest project with the worst directions first. (I think there's something about a challenge that I can't resist.) I'm beyond grateful that I was smart enough to work with an inexpensive material since I had to buy more after I'd cut one piece in the wrong orientation. Seriously, the directions stunk big time.

I'm just taking a little timeout dictated by The Universe since a pocket disappeared on me. Tomorrow should see some finished products to share with y'all.

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