Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Talented Group

Those of us who gather each October for PIQF are a fairly talented group of crafters. Some are a little more into it than others. Someone might be obsessed enough that her daughter had to buy a new suitcase just to hold the craft supplies needed on the flight up (you know who you are). And some craft with the group just to be nice. Most of us tuck our crafting into the crevices not filled by our jobs.

But one of us oozes creativity day and night, and my camera batteries happened to be fully charged when I arrived at her house. She not only has great ideas and follow through, but her color sense is spot on. (I'm also in awe of her ability to finish projects, since mine can hang fire for years before they're completed.) Each year I anticipate discovering what new accomplishment she'll display. Quilts? Gift cards? Purses? Jackets? Floral arrangements?

This year brought glass tiles turned into necklaces with the help of some diamond glaze plus graphics cut from magazines.

This is just one of her amazing magnet boards. I took this photo inside at dusk, but you get the idea.Each one has a different theme--from sophisticated to simple, from trendy to classic, from subtle to outrageous. Each comes accessorized with magnets: some spell l-o-v-e or h-o-p-e or l-i-v-e (which I rearranged to spell L'vie because I can't leave well enough alone) or fit the theme (food, cartoons, puppies). These magnet boards are selling like hotcakes and the craft fair is weeks away. I'd be surprised if she has any left by then.

Her sweetie is a woodworker and a thoroughly nice guy and her house is filled with lovingly built furniture. These hand-carved wooden ornaments exhibit another of his skills.I can't decide whether I like them wooden or painted better. These mini masterpieces would be the first things I'd buy if there were extra money. Dratted depression.

In her free time, when she's not crafting to add to the girls' college fund...she's been busy quilting some graduation presents too--from wild to demure depending on the lucky recipient.
I just enjoy soaking up her creativity. And quite honestly it's nice to chat with someone else who shares my passion for trying something new.


  1. Man, I simultaneously love/hate people's creativity. Love it because it is so fun. Hate it because it makes me feel like a loser. :)

    I love that snowman ornament. SO cute!

  2. Those tile necklaces are fantastic! As are the magnet board, completely understandable that she isn't going to have ANY left by the time the craft fair rolls around.

    I can't decide which ornament I like better, either. Simply gorgeous!