Monday, November 23, 2009


I checked the thermometer when I came back from my morning walk--twenty-two degrees.

With no wind, actually pretty comfortable. Of course I don't set out without my gloves on and my hood up but they don't last two blocks before I'm warm enough to begin going bare-headed, unzipping the hoodie and eventually peeling off the gloves. That's what hills will do for your heart rate!

It was even warm enough to ride my bike to work without sacrificing my extremities to frostbite. It seemed warm anyway until the day was over and I reached the back door only to find it was locked. Yes, I knew my sweetie was taking the Queen Mother to the airport and then making a Costco run since it's only a block away, and I knew that would take a couple hours--but somehow I figured leaving the back door unlocked would signal that I didn't have my keys with me (bikes don't have ignitions, y'know).

Fortunately I'd left the leaf rake outdoors so I attacked the leaves closest to the pond. Fall cleanup, exercise and keeping warm in one tidy package! After picking up dogsicles (how do two dogs generate so many little presents?), I was able to rake the rest of the lawn. Still no sweetie, so I moved on to the side yard. Kharma had made a nice little nest for herself there amidst the peach leaves swirled by the wind, but leaves have to be raked before November turns wet or snowy.

Alas, the garbage can was full, the sun went down and my teacher shoes weren't exactly keeping my tootsies warm. So I retired to meditate on the front porch while I waited for the sound of a garage door opener and ignored my frosty toes. It wasn't exactly dark but the solar lanterns were coming on before I heard our Forester turn in the driveway.

I had a good excuse for needing a huge cup of hot chocolate and some peanut butter/oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies before I emptying the fridge for minestrone soup.

Note to self: we definitely need a spare key left with the neighbors just for times like this.

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  1. Oh no! Well at least you were able to be productive. I probably would have pulled myself into a ball and cried on the porch, thus freezing to death in my lack of movement.