Friday, February 19, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Just Plain Ugly

Good    Is there anything better than the twofer you get when you donate your giveaways?  I can see my workbench again, there are no more old computers decorating my garage, and two boxes of clothes are no longer stacked on top of the plastic bins holding my sweetie's rocks (don't ask). I had so much energy from not having to look at the clutter anymore that I also reorganized two storage areas.  And two local agencies benefitted from my donations!  I like to think that someone will appreciate getting our extra DVD player and barely-worn clothes at a bargain price.

Bad    Valentine candy in general and Lindor Truffles in particular.
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Did you know that each one of these little gems will add a half pound to your scale the next morning? I swear.  Apparently there is no way to enjoy their delectable chocolate goodness without paying for every single calorie consumed.  Believe me, I cut down on snacks and have been power walking four mornings a week (in cold temperatures which should account for an extra couple calories alone).  The truffles are winning. 

Ugly     The number of the bathroom scale after February 14th.  Very ugly indeed.  Each succeeding morning the number has looked a little worse than the day before.  I did briefly wonder if Mardi Gras (aka Fat Tuesday) was influencing my scale.  I feel like the Lenten season might have come along at the perfect time for me.  I could give up chocolate truffles for Lent and my waistline would benefit greatly.  It's lucky that there's only one truffle left--so it will be very easy to give them up right after I crack the chocolate shell, suck out the gooey truffle filling and let the chocolate remnants melt slowly in my mouth while I savor the silky texture.

Do you know if I can order some self-control on Amazon?  I wouldn't even insist on free shipping.


  1. Always humming2/19/2010 9:32 AM

    I hear you on that scale! I can no longer eat with impunity 'cause when I gain, it no longer comes off easily (make that, at all)! Maybe if I spent less time searching for genealogical information it would help, but still.....I guess I might make use of that NordicTrak yet! I have discovered that chocolate, peanuts, and sweets of any kind are permanently adhered to my hips. Now if my Lenten self-control would just last more than 40 days!

  2. Many thanks for liking my work,it sure was a great movie . cheers Marie