Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh! Canadaaaahhh!

Best Opening Ceremony. Ever.
AP Photo/Charlie Riedel
So artistic--I loved the music (Allelujah is my latest earworm) and the visual effects were magical. I was willing to suspend belief and just roll with it.  The ice floes breaking up, the leaves falling, the wheatfields.  Yum.

And it had Mounties.

Ya did good, Canada! Here's wishing you lots and lots of gold medals (I love Oh, Canada and I'm happy to listen to it again and again!


  1. I was upset the Mounties didn't come in on horseback but I bet they couldn't risk an accident. :)

    It was very visually appealing.

  2. I just loved the opening show for the Olympics. It was so magical. It was a fun way to see the different cultures and beauty of Canada too.

  3. I'm watching the Olympic here and there, and it's so wonderful to see..You have a beautiful country