Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Bare Truth

My mind is saying, "Spring!"  I'm looking at vegetable seeds that I can't possibly plant for month yet.  I'm drooling over the bareroot offerings of dahlias and peonies, but I'm too chilly to go outdoors and do a lick of gardening.  I'm guilty of posting photos of fruit trees in bloom without mentioning they were actually Spring 2009.
So unfair to those of us who live between the Sierra Nevada and the Atlantic.

Don't despair--my fruit trees actually look like this.
Buds are just beginning to swell on the Black Tartarian cherry.

The peach is just plain naked against the grey cloudy sky.
Good for pruning, I guess.

The three-in-one apple can't lay claim to any signs of new growth.

Which isn't discouraging Kharma from climbing the apple tree in search of mummified fruit.
Sheesh, you'd think we never fed her.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled seed catalogs.


  1. Now look at that innocent little doggy. LOL! I love your tree blossoms no matter when they were taken. What a beautiful pictures.

  2. Yeah, I know, I keep sifting through last years photos to see what I can post.
    I too am frustrated, so I'm taking a trip into the unknown,for me anyway.Seed planting in the house...scary.

  3. Your dog is so beautiful! I was curious what breed she is?