Monday, March 29, 2010

Heavenly Warmth

Got the Tired-Of-Winter, Spring-Isn't-Coming-Fast-Enough Blues?  Me too. What's a girl to do?  Go to California, my friends!

 In three short hours of driving, we arrived where grass is green, wildflowers and wisteria are in bloom, and college girls work on their tans in bikinis while watching their boyfriends play soccer.  Almost forgotten phrases like "pass the sunscreen" and "I should have brought shorts along" were uttered disbelievingly while we soaked up Vitamin D and flaunted winter-white skin.

It's been million years since I visited the UOP campus--I'd forgotten the mellowness of the brick buildings and the sweetness of the carillion chiming the hours.
We got a peek at their Physical Therapy School.
We strolled the grounds and peered into windows.  The Big Guy, who'd never been there, was sufficiently impressed with Stockton and the campus.

Yes, Stockton does have a Habitat ReStore, but after shoehorning two enormous dog crates into our Forester I sadly crossed it off my list of Fun Things To Do In Stockton and settled for Doggy Disc-o-mania instead.The dogs thought they were dreaming when we brought out their frisbees which have been hibernating for months. Kharma and Zelda each gave the green lawns two paws up.
It doesn't get much better than happy dogs and winning a soccer game!

Well, maybe it gets a little better--Stockton has a Joann Superstore which was conveniently located next to our lunch destination. (Okay, maybe I had looked it up before-hand and suggested lunch there.) Oh. My.  I could get to like Joann if Reno had one that was fast, friendly and well-stocked.  I found the perfect, cuter than cute, fabric for a new ironing board cover.  In fact, I can hear my new fabric calling to me now...

Yours truly,
A warmed-to-the-cockles-of-my-heart and very content


  1. Welcome to my world. The sun has really blessed us these last couple of weeks. I am in SoCal but still sunny. I can't imagine a better lunch venue than one next to a Joanne's Superstore. ;)

  2. Oh it looks divine there. I miss the green so much. Never knew I would until moving to the desert. I think I am going to have to take a similar trip myself.