Thursday, March 18, 2010

Signs of Spring

The swallows return to Capistrano each spring and the sparrows return to Meadowsweet Cottage's roof. East along with her brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins are back...pitter, clatter, pitter, of March Fifteenth.

Morning walks are accompanied by birdsong and sunlight (even with Daylight Savings).

Color has appeared on the hyacinth buds.
The chinodoxia snuck into violet territory. Love these little guys!

The red primrose is a little lazier than his pink friend, or perhaps is a bit more cautious while waiting for warmer temperatures.

Each day brings new delight.


  1. What a beautiful time of the year Spring is. Just beautiful pictures to tell about it too.

  2. Thanks for brightening my day...we're bracing for more snow. I have noticed some tips of the hyacinth bulbs making their way up. The Mourning Doves are back's the best!
    Happy spring!

  3. The colors of those flowers makes me smile. I yearn for the warmer weather and signs of life again!

  4. What gorgeous reminders of sunny days to come. You captured Spring just beautifully. Have a wonderful weekend.