Sunday, April 11, 2010


A laugh is the shortest distance between two people.

--Victor Borge

Even if someone fell and slightly damaged the camera shutter so that it doesn't always open.  Through many up and downs,  we still enjoy each other's laugh and sense of humor.  It's what attracted us in the beginning and it's still working more than a few years down the trail.

Happy Sunday, Happy Week, Happy Spring!  Thanks to A Cottage Industry for linking us up.


  1. Cute picture and how true of a statement. Hope the camera works better. I thought mine broke and gave it to my son. He got it to work and then his friend stole it, nice, huh. Happy Spring to you.

  2. I am a collector of quotes and that is one of my faves. How true.
    A happy week to you too and thanks for stopping in at Becolorful and leaving such a feel good comment.

  3. The photo is from our hike in the Sandias with my son and his family. I'd slipped in the mud (monsoon season in NM) and the camera was unfortunately under my butt. I rather liked the way the shutter framed us! Every once in a while the shutter still gets stuck--but all my photos are cranked out by by beloved dinosaur of a Sony digital!