Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day

Spring Break--two beautiful words. So far I've spent four days in bed and taken lots of long hot baths--sounds good so far, doesn't it? Just wait.

My allergies somehow got way ahead of me. All I've generated so far this week was a Puffs Plus-filled trash can next to my bed (so sorry, no photos). I went from sneezy to sore throat and drippy to stuffy and wheezy, all mixed nicely with aches and pains from sleeping sitting up or not at all. Thank heavens for my friends Aspirin, Caffeine and Tussin plus liters and liters of water to drink.

If I wanted to whine I could tell you about wasting vacation days rather than using sick days and the grey skies and a family that thought I should cook for them. But truthfully, I had enough bursts of caffeine-induced energy that I can't really complain about cooking or caring for the livestock (I'm referring to the chicks and pooches, of course, not the family).

I decided that I might live yesterday afternoon and was certain of it this morning, especially when I saw those blue skies. I now have a nicely-mowed and edged lawn--if that wasn't going to kick off my hayfever again, nothing was--and a large garbage can filled with rosebush prunings.

I put another coat of paint (apple green, even if it doesn't look like it) on my shutters.
They looked so pretty drying propped up in the violets, which are currently blooming wildly, that I just had to take a photo.

And I put the finishing touches on my new ironing board cover and treated her to a nicely-wrinkled white cotton shirt for her maiden voyage.
Love the ladybugs! Love the daisies! Love the polka dots! Love the green! Love my trusty vintage iron!

I'm not planning on running any marathons, but it's nice to feel more like myself!  And I still have four more days of vacation to enjoy myself.

Hopefully yours,

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  1. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well! Hopefully the worst is over!