Friday, June 25, 2010

Glued To My TV

Every four years my schedule revolves around World Cup TV coverage. I can recite the schedule for ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic and ABC by heart. (I know, I know, I could be doing other things but I'd rather watch soccer.)

The U.S. is seriously taking years off my life by giving up early goals.  I've been a soccer mom/coach/ref/fan for too long to forgive "silly mistakes".

Still, they do have their moments.  If there were style points in soccer, I'd award some to this goal.
Love his field vision and the way he buried the ball in the top of the net.

I just about died through ninety-one frustrating minutes of missed chances against Algeria.

Saturday morning I'm going to be riding that roller coaster every soccer fan knows about, the one that jerks emotions and plays with a country's hopes.  It doesn't matter if you cheer for soccer powers like Brasil and Italia or upstarts like the USA and New Zealand, apparently the roller coaster comes free of charge.

Offering sacrifices to the Soccer gods,

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  1. I must admit, I haven't watched ANY. I know, what is wrong with me??? I guess I really don't understand the game and my hubby hasn't been watching or the kids. Still, everyone is else is talking about it. We are the freaks. I am going to my reunion next week and I feel like I need a crash course so I will be able to talk about it and make a few informed, intelligent comments.

    PS thanks for your sweet comments on my favorite room post. I didn't even make the top five out of fifteen submissions so your reinforcing comments eased my bruised ego. :)