Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peony Love

My neighbor inadvertently became my gardening instructor when I realized her peonies bloomed wildly and lushly in full sun, regular soil and average water. See, I thought they looked like delicate southern belles in need of shade and moisture. I know better now.

Her lovely soft pink is one of my favorites.  
I had one very much like it, once upon a time.  She hated the shade and moisture and competition in my backyard and didn't survive the move to a better growing area, poor girl.

I love the white blossoms with the color breaks.
They remind me of huge hundred-year-old bushes still flourishing in a farmhouse garden.

This double white--oh, my!
Positively, joyously bridal!

My little red girl did survive the move to a hotter, sunnier place a few years ago.
She's a reliable bloomer now.  She's happy and so am I.

Last year I bought this as a bareroot at Walmart of all places.  This is her first season of bloom.
She's a simple creature and a little shy each morning.

But she opens to display her golden heart to the sun and passers-by.
I'd have a garden filled with peonies if I had more sunshine and dog-free planting area!  They might not have a long season, but their exuberance and loveliness remind me to carpe diem.


  1. Oh those are gorgeous! I especially like the double whites!

  2. Oh girl how gorgeous are your peonies. I love the white with the flecks of red. Just Gorgeous! I think mine need more sun too. I gave mine a shot of compost hoping it will help get more blooms but if not I will be moving them to a sunnier spot.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Those are gorgeous peonies! I've tried growing them once and had no success so now they scare me. But holy cow, I might have to reconsider when I see how beautiful those are... Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Stoppin' by from TGP. So many pretty peonies. The peonie is my state's flower (Indiana) these look beautiful!

  5. Lovely peonies! They're one of my favorite flowers!

  6. When we moved in I inherited 2 peonies. They are so beautiful! And your pictures are amazing!

  7. I love, love, love peonies, too. Some of mine are done blooming, but there are a few left I need to get out and pick for the house. ;-)

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Garden Party!

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