Thursday, July 15, 2010

My First Picasa Mosaic

A little knowledge is much more fun than ignorance. Prettier too.
I finally Googled "making mosaics with Picasa" after drooling over yet another wonderful blogger mosaic.  Link Number Three were these instructions which were so easy to follow. 

Can I just say that TechBliss Online is truly well named?  And that I'll be visiting them again this evening to try some more tips? 

I can't wait to fine tune my photos next time and then mosaic them.  (Someone was in too much of a try-out-her-new-toy hurry to do a proper job the first time.)  I'm aware that I get drunk on enthusiasm, novelty and learning new things and my maturity level crashes.  Maybe I need a Designated Internet Driver?

My trusty crystal ball has begun showing me glimpses of puppy mosaics and pond mosaics and chick mosaics and, yes, I think I even see a family photo mosaic somewhere in my future.  Oh and it's also showing me hungry menfolk waiting for me to cook dinner.


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  1. That is a very fun and colorful collage. I have done a little in picasso, but not very much. I'll have to go back and give this feature a try.

  2. Oh girl the options are endless.I can picture you with a little chick mosaics. Have fun with it.Your first one is so pretty! I can never make up my mind on the background colors of the mosaics.It is like I want one of every color LOL!

  3. Bravo! I think I may have to give that a whirl, but I think I need a little more time to work up to it:)

    Beautiful Hollyhocks in your garden post. And, I hope your ankle is healing quickly.

  4. Thanks for the link. I might try doing a mosaic one day. BTW, your hollyhocks are beautiful!

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