Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Farewell To Summer?

Just because the calendar says September it doesn't mean summer is over.  No way! Even if there is that cool nip in the air on morning walks.  We're now sleeping under blankets with the windows closed at night but that means nothing.  Right?  Right?

I'm certain it's just a blip, a temporary temperature change, and hot days are still ahead.  Even if it is getting dark earlier and earlier and I'm looking for the sunny spots when eating my morning Mini Wheats.

Please tell me the leaves on our neighbor's tree aren't really showing a hint of color.  And that stores aren't beginning to stock pumpkins and black cats.   That they baled hay in the pasture early this year.

Let me cling to my delusions just a little longer.  Please?  Just until after Labor Day (mmm, barbecued ribs and homemade ice cream).

I'm working on the necessity of saying goodbye to my wonderful summer vacation and hello to the school bell.  I think I'm almost, almost-but-not-quite ready.  I'm beginning to remember how wonderful new beginnings are, how much I love those shining enthusiastic five-year-old faces, what a delight it is to start with new gel pens and a reorganized desk space,  the fun of seeing familiar smiles in the hallways.  And a paycheck, golly!

Yes, I think one more week will do it, one more week filled with all I love most about summertime.  Then I'll be ready to turn the page and start a new adventure.

Summerly yours,


  1. Oh, my, dear, sweet Pogonip! Our hearts match perfectly - exactly! Only, my time has come and school has started.

    Thank you for you wonderful comment, too. Again, I thought, "exactly!!!" Yes, exactly! Thank you!

    Love, Katy xo

    p.s. that quote by JK Rowling is so inspiring and encouraging!!!

  2. I like your new look over here; very cute graphics.

    Yes, autumn is quick approaching here as well. Even when the sun is out is just isn't quite as warm. I told the boys that it was intentional so they would feel like summer was officially over before school started. They are sleeping outside tonight... a sort of last hurrah.

    I am a little nervous that my tomatoes won't ever come in so I am really hoping for an extended summer; ours didn't really even start until July!

  3. Hi Pogonip,
    thank you for your concern regarding the earthquake in new Zealand. I am in the North Island luckilly, and nowhere near Christchurch, which is in the South Island, but we did feel it even all the way up here. By all accounts Christchurch and a lot of the little satelite towns in Canterbury are a bit of a mess, but luckilly only two people seriously injured.

  4. I used to love summer so much back East. Now in Vegas it is so darn hot I look forward to Fall and Spring the most because the temps are perfect for doing things outside. Maybe if I was still in school or a teacher I would appreciate summer more again. I miss that. :)

    Thought of you on vacation. We hit up a ton of antique stores that you would go crazy in. I love poking through old junk. Too bad I couldn't buy much due to the difficulty in getting it on a plane.

  5. Roxie,I will miss summer too. I love the lushness of it all, the constant birdsong and life all around us. It takes me awhile to adjust, it is a bittersweet time. So back to school you go, teach those little ones some papercutting!
    I like your new borders, very 1940's.

  6. mmm yes, I need to head out to pull up some dead plants...sigh. I do so love fall, it is just the winter that follows I am not so fond of!