Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The pond motto:  Outswim...outlive...outhide.

We restocked Lilypad Pond with three goldfish for way back on Mother's Day.  Beauty combined with a taste for mosquito larvae--what could be a better present?
I chose them with some care.  I figured the white and red pinto would look really flashy as he swam around.  I loved the black picotee edges against the gold.

And the red one with the spot was lively and healthy. We released them and (as small but wise comets will) they disappeared, hopefully to grow and prosper.
I'm glad I took pix, but naming them might have been a mistake.

Because a month later came the regrettable episode of the garter snake with a taste for goldfish and peeper frogs who took up residence in our pond.   Said snake was re-homed as soon as I convinced my sweetie that life would be much quieter without my shrieks of snake-horror.

When we were satisfied that the garter snake had moved on permanently, we snuck another five feeder comets (both unphotographed and unnamed) into the pond where they promptly disappeared amidst the rocks. I knew they'd show up eventually, predators and the good Lord willing...
Success!  Warm summery water, familiarity with the pond and a lack of snakes finally brought the three survivors out from the midst of the lilies into the shallows where they browse on algae and other fishy delights.  To my delight, that little guy in front is actually one of my Mother's Day comets who somehow outwitted the garter snake. To say he's skittish is an understatement, poor traumatized fish. Maybe they're bolder because they're not so little anymore. They've never received one flake of fishfood, but our pond is apparently rich in algae and larvae and other fishly favorites. Mr. Skittish has easily quadrupled in size since May and the others are three times bigger than they were.

The sounds of the creek and waterfall are tranquil, the lilies enrich each day, but the flash of a golden fin just might be my favorite part of Lilypad Pond.

Joining the others at My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday.


  1. I agree! After a few years of no fish, thanks to a lovely Blue Heron that we surprised one day, we finally to the plunge and bought 10 little fish... at 13 cents each I figured it was within our budget. After the summer I believe we still have 8.

    I always enjoy visiting your pond... such pretty lilies and now fish too.

  2. I tried putting goldfish in my small water pond one year and, since our country neighborhood seems to be a dumping ground for everyone's cats and kittens, they did not last very long.I am glad you had some survivors. I never even thought about snakes getting them. Interesting.

  3. I'm jealous of your pond! When those plastic ponds were popular a few years ago, my family got one. Like most people, we had issues in the beginning of getting it to work correctly. I still remember the "fish incident" where we forgot and left the water hose running in the pond. Bye bye little fishies. :(

    It took literally took me years to eat fish after I saw that.

    We finally got the pond working, but like you we had snakes. And frogs. Not the cute little frogs, but those slimy, ugly, big ones.

    My mom is afraid of both snakes and frogs. Needless to say, we do not have a pond anymore. I'll have to enjoy your pictures instead.

  4. I have never had a pond like that so I am curious what happens when it freezes? Do you take them out and bring them inside or will they freeze and then thaw out in the spring and be okay? I am fascinated.