Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beds and Roses

Isn't it horrible when your computer breaks down? No blogging, no photo downloading, no Google Reader, no email, no Netflix, no driving instructions, no  I felt like my life had come to a grinding stop and I was out of touch with the universe.   But thankfully The Big Guy possesses the nerd gene and brought our hard drive back to life! And will I be backing up my photos sometime very soon? You betcha! Lesson learned and disaster averted.

The repainted bedstead, after four days of rain followed by below-average temps followed by sinus headaches, is finally in residence in the guest room.  I love the extra storage room underneath, although I notice I need to rehang my sampler a bit higher.
The color is Rustoleum Apple Red although it looks a bit like fire engine red in this photo. Not that it will really matter--I had to remove the extra pillows to even see the headboard for my photo shoot!

Autumn has brought a resurgence of roses to the cottage, especially my favorite--Moonstone.
The cooler temperatures intensify the colors.  Not that Oranges and Lemons needs any enhancement!

My Midas Touch is so yellow it lights up one whole corner of the garden.

But nothing can compare to Moonstone.
Don't you love her blush?

I could sit outside and take her photo for hours.  (And then I'd make sure to back my favorites up promptly after I downloaded them!)

Meanwhile it looks like my sweetie is returning sooner than planned (giant grin of joy) which means I'll be logging some serious time with my hand sander to complete my desk refinishing project before he reappears.  No photos yet, but ebony black paint with brushed nickel pulls looks as fabulous on the drawers as I'd hoped!


  1. Oh, if I could grow roses like yours I'd be in Heaven! They are beautiful. Glad you're back.

  2. We had three computer breakdowns this year!!! I am so glad my photos were backed up, that is all I really cared about.
    I have never gotten serious about roses, yours make me want to weep... I am giving them a shot next year.
    And please feel free to spread the word about the book, the more the merrier.. In fact, I might just get a bit carried away and give 3 books instead!

  3. Your bed turned out just marvelous. The red was just what it needed.
    Oh, yes please backup your pictures. I learned the hard way two years ago. Now I have a separate external hard drive that I back everything up onto.
    I lost about all of my hard work when my computer died. They are so great when they work and terrible when they don't.
    Your roses are so pretty.The Moonstone is gorgeous. Such a subtle and delicate looking rose.

  4. The red is so fun. Looks great in the room. And your last quote still has me thinking (love when that happens)...

  5. Love those flowers! They are gorgeous. And that bed fits perfectly. Such a great color.