Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trug Transformation

Once upon a time there was a little wooden trug. 
The wood was kinda ugly, but it did say "Fleurs"...and you know how I like me some Frenchiness. However, have you ever seen a less French-looking font in your life? This trug definitely needed a makeover.

Voila! A little apple green paint that just happened to be available and a stylish font showcasing the address of a Parisian florist.  Things are looking better.
Then I made the error of extreme sandpaper over-exuberance while distressing it, compounded by painting the inside black. Black! What was I thinking?!

Sometimes a mistake clarifies my thinking though.  I quickly realized my little trug actually wanted to be distressed white with an apple green interior. We're all much happier now.
I can just picture how darling it's going to be filled with grass and Easter eggs...or pansies...or summery annuals.  (Something that wasn't just grabbed for a photo op.)  It's no huge change, just a simple tweak that makes me happy.

One more thing checked off my to-do list,


  1. Pogonip, I think it is wonderful! How did you get the print onto the box? And yes, apple green and creamy white is quite french to me. So many great ideas, so little time!

  2. I'll take one of each. LOL! I liked it all three ways. Now I know why it takes me forever to choose things. LOL!
    It looks lovely and very Frenchy.

  3. I liked both versions, very creative. I am still thinking if it would be best to just ship you down to me here in Vegas so you could help me with my bench project. :)