Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Forget Spring--I'm Ready For December!

Did you know it's possible to spray paint in sub-freezing weather if you're crazy impatient desperate motivated enough?  Hint:  It involves my warm laundry room, a quick dash outside and an even faster retreat inside and an exhaust fan.

I have a secret to painting things red (like my vintage iron bed and my puppy planter.)  I get a nice glowing cheery red by first painting my piece white.  Much easier than still seeing a shadowy darkness to your red after applying coat after coat after coat of red!

My wooden R-Y-E (fifty cents each at GW)...
have now been joined by a red metal "m" and "r" (Michaels closeout).  The spray paint and red acrylic paint couldn't have been a closer match if I'd planned it!

Yes, it's mERrY at our house.  This project's done, finished, photographed in the last snow of the year, crossed off the to-do list and put away in one of the Christmas bins.

And it's so delightful to discover that my auto-post didn't auto-post on Monday.  Better someday than never, eh!



  1. Aha! I hadn't a clue what you were writing, even though you had said you had an m and r to add. Silly me:)

    Very cute.

  2. So is it to be an addition to the fireplace mantle? I love the accompanying puppy prints.
    And who says it is the last snow of the season......

  3. My plan is to mount the letters on a yellow board and hang on a wall. How I'll store such a goliath for the other 11 months is another matter!

  4. Fun and playful...I like your style :)

  5. You are truly the spray paint queen!
    Good luck with chickens in the vege garden... I think when it comes to the main vegetable garden, I am just gonna fence the whole thing with a 10 footer!

  6. You never cease to amaze me! :)

  7. definitely a great trick. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I can Sooooo relate to the spray painting in cold weather scenario. Sounds like here but I use my paint garage. Door open. Spray. Door down but left open 6 inches. Me? Back in the warm house. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Ahhh....mod favorite for crafts. I must go through a ton of it. merry merry!

  9. OMG I am in Orlando and it was 90 today....Snow???? I have got to go back and see where you live. Getting Holiday projects done WOW!