Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gypsy Rambles

On vacation = no Internet. I can do without my cell phone and my own bed. I can live out of a suitcase and sit in a car for long hours without complaint. But no connectivity? Sigh.

So I'm grateful for a brief hookup today thanks to Tigger whose iTunes cards are calling his name (loudly) but who is allowing me to monopolize his computer for a bit. 

Can I just say that the Pacific Northwest has gorgeous rhodies and peonies right now?  They make my gardening fingers twitch!  I couldn't have timed it better to see them if I'd tried!

I can match their peonies, but my struggling high-desert rhodies will never have the humidity levels in Oregon, alas.  Still, the beauties here in the Portland area have inspired me to elevate my rhodie care to full-on TCL when we get back.

Pacific NW roses have decided it's summertime too.  Just gorgeous.

I have photos--oh my!

Miss you,


  1. Have a wonderful time. Wish I was there. LOL!

  2. Enjoy your vacation! See you when you get back Pogonip.