Friday, June 03, 2011

TGIF...And Then Some

I'm exhausted, beaten to a frazzle, limp, energy-poor and unable even think of cooking dinner...or at least I was until I realized that tomorrow is Saturday (cue angelic choir) and
  • A. I need to get more layer pellet (poultry-speak for chicken feed) which means that 
  • B. I will be very close to the ReStore and I can just feel that something good awaits me there and 
  • C. the ReStore is right next to my favorite closeout fabric shop. 
  • not to mention that D. SUMMER VACATION STARTS THURSDAY so I'll obviously need fabric for one of my myriad summer projects.
Right?  The universe has obviously handed me une carte blanche otherwise known as a blank check, but which I prefer to think of as a no-limit debit card.  (Blank checks are so last millenium.)  I can hardly wait!

And I found enough energy while I was tossing scraps to our feathered composters to finally take photos of a previously unoccupied fixer-upper that a young family has moved into.  I don't know their name yet, but I do know that their young'uns generate quite a fuss around feeding time.

Hoping that your Friday left you with plenty of enthusiasm for the weekend,


  1. I love your countdown. I talked my husband into going with me to the ReStore when he needed office furniture. The one piece he finished looks great and the other is waiting in the garage for us! Enjoy your summer projects :)

  2. LOL! I hope you find some goodies for your summer fling.

  3. I wish we had something like the ReStore near us. Sounds like an adventure every time you go. :)