Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Guideposts - Week65

My Guideposts seems to have slipped itself into a different time slot this week. But given my quote, how very appropriate!

Control is an Illusion.
-Lao Tzu

I learned that lesson last week on our little out-of-state jaunt.  So many motivational speakers have us visualizing great outcomes and uttering wonderful positive-thinking statements, and I respect and admire that aspect of striving to improve your life for the better.  I do it too.  Mostly.

But the truth is that we can only control so much.  Control IS an illusion.  As someone said--and I'm too lazy to look up the exact quote right now--the only thing we can really control is our reaction to things or our attitude toward what Life hands us.  But still I persist in trying to influence way too many situations around me.

With limited success.  Surprise.

I suspect that one reason I enjoy summer vacation so much is that I'm my own boss after nine months at the beck and call of others.  I move from project to project in a seemingly random and erratic fashion, but it gets results.  So right now, giving up control is hard. Frustrating. Challenging.

Rental vans are not cheap.  And adding my name to the drivers list would have added an extra ten buckaroos per day.  So I spent last week not having control of the steering wheel or the gas pedal.  Not being able to jump in and take myself to the Goodwill (it's one of the best I've been to) or visit Gardeners' Eden nursery (my go-to place) or even cruise back to Fred's and grab that pink peony.

Okay, I could live without those.  But, oh golly, watching us stuck behind a slow RV on the mountain roads and not being able to rev that engine and pass that sucker hurt.  We easily lost a half hour right there. And knowing that Law-abiding Husband was traveling exactly the speed limit made my right foot twitch with the need for speed.

The lesson the Universe was trying to send got through when we drove into Chez Pooh's driveway ten hours after we left.  Uh, that's usually exactly what it takes me when I drive the Queen Mother up for a visit.  So after that, when I felt any frustrations due to vehicle limitations or time constraints, I had a stern talk with myself.

And I didn't look at the speedometer or gas gauge once on the trip home. Zen comes in odd places sometimes.

Happily out-of-control,

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