Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Old Lane Cedar Chest

It's an older Lane cedar chest that has seen better days.  (Stop drooling over the fancy antique trunk and focus on the cedar chest, people.)
What?  You don't think those faux Mediterranean handles add anything to it? Me either.

Remove them and you suddenly notice that those grooves seem like beadboard.  Ahhhh!
It's had a few ups and downs and the finish is finished.  And the storage tray inside is in pieces and will need to be rebuilt.
Now it's time to give it some TLC and send it to a new home where it will become a storage bench in the master bedroom.

This is one reason why it will be painted rather than refinished to match my sister's bedroom furniture.
The wood is permanently damaged (water?) where the finish was marred on the lid.
Even sanding didn't improve it.

And here's another reason.
Right now you're probably thinking that you love the little heart-grained wood pattern.  Me too.  So what's the problem??  

The other end isn't holding up its end of the wood-grain bargain.
Blah is the kindest thing I can say about it.

Finally, the dainty relief on this carved edging (which no one ever noticed before) will be the belle of the ball once some paint dances with a bit of glaze.
Ninety-minutes with my palm sander and some 120 grit sandpaper...
A little wood putty in the holes, a final sanding, a coat of primer and it's ready for a lovely coat of soft white paint.  Are you ready?



And that carved molding?
Looked great without any glaze.

Start to finish, I spent little bits and pieces of time for a month.  It's been delivered to its new abode, complete with the key, labels and original warranty plus the rebuilt tray inside; ready to store seasonal clothing, extra blankets, special keepsakes or linens.

Thrilled that I actually have a furniture piece to share at:


  1. Well that is a total WOW!What a lot of work, but so well worth it!I think i might be slightly tempted to shabby chic the paint job tooLOL.
    I loved your pink clery anecdote. The Granny was very amused. What a sheltered childhood you must have had LOL!
    Luv Jjacqui

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  3. Amazing! I have one too that has a 60's look..very plain trim like yours. It's solid cherry and the inside is perfect, but the outside is so dated. This is inspirational to see!

  4. What a beautiful transformation! You did a wonderful jog. I love it!

  5. A great transformation. I have an old cedar chest of my grandmothers that I want to paint. It had a stain like yours on the top. I hate to paint it but it really isn't pretty anyway. Just the fact that it is so old. I think it will look nice white.

  6. That is amazing! Like a brand new piece. I love that antique trunk!!

  7. Thank you for your Popgonip sweet comment on my multi pattern cedar chest. Sometimes a soft white is the best option. For all my color brag, I will be doing a wardrobe for a guest bedroom soon and I will be doing it it..... drum roll please....... white. :) I don't want any busyness here. Just a calm zen feel. I get it and your cedar chest is beautiful.

  8. Lovely makeover! I'm sure it will hold many treasures.

  9. You did a great job on this chest, it looks like a whole new piece of furniture! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a sweet comment.

  10. I have this exact same cedar chest I was going to take to a thrift store because I now have my mother's. I'm now re-thinking that plan and may just refinish it - I've always hated those handles. Thank you for showing me the potential of the rest of the chest!