Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ramona's Plumber Rocks!

Okay, so it's called an dishwasher air gap instead of an air vent, but whatever it's called it was spewing dirty gunk into my sink instead of sitting quietly like it had for decades.

Googling it produced a link to Ramona's Plumber on YouTube who described the problem exactly, showed me how to open the air gap and demonstrated three different ways to clear the clog.

Well, simple blowing didn't eliminate the problem, so I moved on to option two.  I needed a bottle brush that looked like a longer, thicker version of a pipe cleaner.  I didn't have such a critter, but that didn't stop me, 'cause I do have a pile of clippings left over from pruning our apple tree!  I use them for plant stakes mostly, but also have been bending them into hoops to hold my row covers over the lettuce/spinach bed.  If they'll bend into hoops without breaking, I figured that they'd surely be supple enough to perform like a faux bottle brush. 

I love the Internet.  I love DIY.  I love making do with whatever I have on hand.

Twenty-three years of gunk (the technical term for greasy black plumbing clogs) just washed down the pipes and my dishwasher is blowing me kisses. 

I'm patting myself on the back while chanting "girl power" over and over.

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