Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A July Garden Party

The Liberty Crew would like to invite you to join them in the pleasant July shade.
So would Flick (I think he wants to show off his green thumb--I haven't the heart to tell him that anybody can grow petunias).
We'll decorate with some Peace roses.  Can one can ever have enough Peace?  I think not.
Fragrance provided by the Scentimental roses as well as a bit of patriotic red-and-white stripes.
Midas Touch will add a pop of color to our garden picnic.
The waterlilies contribute cool elegance. As well as provide a hiding place for our shyest guests.  Who would guess that my three goldfish (Target, Tips, and Red) are lurking right beneath those leaves?
I invited both of the Mourning Dove twins, but it looks like only one could come. 

Maybe the other twin realized that Zelda and Kharma were also coming?
The funny thing is that I made sure the garden looked nice, but forgot all about providing food.  Yikes!

A little dieting never hurt anyone.  I'll pour some cold water and add a sprip of fresh mint and we'll have so much fun chatting and looking at the flowers we won't miss nibbling.  Will we?

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  1. Don't miss nibbling one bit. Wonderful party. I loved the other guests.

  2. My waist line appreciates it! Your roses are lovely. You are fortunate to be able to grow tea roses like Midas Touch. We sold them at the greenhouse but without a lot of protection for the winter, they didn't make it and even then sometimes they don't. This is zone 3. Hardy roses, bred for harsher climates, grow wonderfully here, like Morden Blush and any in the Morden series. We lose the fragrance, though, in exchange for hardiness.

    Thanks for visiting today!

  3. Man, that pond looks gorgeous! I just bought a container this weekend to start a container water garden but am still looking for a place to put it in the yard. In the meantime, I'll just ogle yours!

  4. Love the river rocks in the pond. All I can see around mine is a black plastic liner... I really must do something about that!

  5. Lovely gardens. The photo of your dogs is adorable. I am your new follower. Would appreciate when you have time your stopping by and following. Have a nice weekend.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Lovely, as always. :-)

    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage