Friday, July 08, 2011

That Lightbulb Moment

I don't know about you, but when I travel I like to stay in contact at least a little bit. Taking along my cellphone and checking email is part of visiting far-flung family, because I want to make sure things are okay at home with the dogs and the hens. (I try not to think about what my garden is suffering in the summer heat--that's just part of the tradeoff for a vacation.)

A side benefit is being able to keep up with friends and occasionally blog. It seems like there is just enough downtime when we visit, to be able to go online.

But keeping up with my blogging friends has always been a bit more challenging.  I miss you when I'm away. You are just part of my daily routine like brushing my teeth or making a smoothie for breakfast. So I thought I was brilliant on my Oregon trip to email myself a list of blog https so I wouldn't have to remember them.

Today I was doing a bit of surfing while my son was working and after I checked my emails, I drifted over to A Hocking Hill's Garden to see what Lona was up to with her plants. I usually depend on Google Reader to keep me informed of new posts when I'm home, so it's a treat to actually see the website for a change while I'm on the road. As I was scrolling down, I noticed her bloglist that updates new posts as others publish them. Lightbulb!

Adding new sites to my bloglist just went to the top of my priority list, people.  That way I can just check in on my own blog, click your links and presto! So easy.

So I'm just mentioning this in case you are planning a trip and are as addicted to your blogging friends as I am. 

And Lona, I owe you a big thanks for making my life a bit nicer!

Bloggily yours,

p.s. It turns out that Blogger will let you easily import all your Google Reader subscriptions or the blogs you follow right onto your bloglist. Brilliant!

p.p.s. I have way too many blogs on my Reader so I deciced to pick and choose. If your blog isn't on my bloglist, I'll catch up with you when I get back!


  1. Oh my. So flattered. Now the pressure is on. :) What to write about. What to write about. Hehe. Luvs ya. Enjoy the vacay. if I was closer I would do a little garden work for you. On second thought, maybe it's better if I don't. I have a dead thumb.

  2. Well I would like to take credit for it but Chalk one up to Blogger.LOL! I am mad at them today because they are sending up errors and Not in Service messages when I try to comment on the blogs.
    Any how have a great time on vacation and stay safe.

  3. Wow! I made the cut even though I haven't blogged in forever. :) Hope you had fun on vacation!!